Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leaderboard changes

I've added some more functionality to the TORCS-NG leaderboard display lately. For clarificaion, the leaderboard is displayed in the lower left area, showing 10 (by default) drivers and their times.

First improvement I've developed was to have a 'rolling' leaderboard, so if there are more cars in the race than the leaderboard can hold, it can be switched to scroll the roster upwards. After reaching the last racer, it shows an empty line and then starts again from the first one. Each driver name is shown using his/her own colours, defined in the XML file of that driver (or robot). See SVN rev 970.

Then I started working on a horizontally scrolling leaderboard, the ones you often see in TV broadcasts. I've committed it in rev 1007 although it still has some glitches to be sorted out. It hasn't been thoroughly tested with very few cars, a short track, a very long track, many cars, etc... the extremes you may say. Then it is a little bit annoying that the roster to be displayed is generated at the moment the leader crosses the start/finish line in each lap. And this newly generated roster is scrolled horizontally through the screen, so it can happen that you see a car in position eg #8 and the roster says it is #13... Need more time to clear these issues.

Well and as Xavier has put the Kilo robot in the repo I've also committed some maintenance work on that, making it work on the tracks it has been set up with. Next TODO is make it able to drive around any track, then handle skills, like the 'big boys' USR and Simplix does.

Plenty of plans...

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