Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuck with SVN

We have a SVN server at the office and 2 project repos on it. The other day my co-worker invented he would like to see the commit message informations ordered a bit differently than previously, so in GMail we could see the rev (as subject) and the log message first, for clearer view.
So I've made some lite changes to SVN's (I don't really like Perl but can get around in it fairly easy) but then I was stuck - I did not know how to make SVN to send out all commit message emails again.
So I had to make a 'for' loop in Bash and invoke the post-commit script from within, several thousand times... which of course took a lot of time and also left me with bad feelings about this 'solution'. If anyone knows how to make SVN send out all the message emails again, please tell me.