Monday, March 8, 2010

Ramblings - 2010/10

Emmm I'm bit late with the "periodical" ramblings but I've been busy busy busy...
So with Speed Dreams we had a quite successful beta out, about 80k downloads from alone. Most of the tickets are closed or moved to the next version, so what you can download now is the version we call RC but if no serious flaws are found, it will be identical to the Release 1.4.0.
We are already planning the features for 2.0 - it is a huge mess now but it will take shape in the upcoming weeks. We decided to stick to a quite strict release policy so the feature list will be freezed by the end of March, that means the 2.0 will be out when all the features we voted for are complete. Each feature will get a responsible sub-team and a leader, and we push for documentation and testing more than before. If you like SD and feel an urge for a feature, or would like to join us developing it, feel free to post your idea on the Wiki pages *now*. Be quick or be dead :)
I'm slowly moving forward track-wise, fiddling textures quite a bit but I'm sure the tracks will be released sooner or later...
BTW Kennet has put together a nice but very difficult track and sprintea86 has also published one - this one makes me dizzy though turning turning and turning.

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