Friday, September 2, 2016

Windows Update - why oh why...

Yes, coding is fun. Coding on Windows may be fun. Working on Windows actually doesn't sound like fun at all, but can be considered 'normal'. But administering Windows is like a free ride in Hell that turns into a pricey maso-ride in Hell later.

I'm developing on a Windows 10 64-bit image in VirtualBox. However after first install of Visual Studio it threw an error on me, quoting some elements couldn't be installed and I should update the system. Okay, I went into Control Panel, Windows Update, launched it - and then nothing happened. It just sat there for about 10 minutes and then told me it couldn't update because of Error 0x8024402f.
Aha. Sure. Thanks.

Googling around luckily I found (not on the first page...) a Fix Errors page and followed the instructions there. Checked out first item, then the second one - although turning off a firewall surely doesn't seem like a good idea at any time. Still nothing. Then the last hint was that made the error go away - enable ActiveX in my router.

Now I am angry, puzzled, astonished etc etc. Why on Earth can't an update proceed without any ActiveX sorcery? Why make it more complex than it should be???

Microsoft. You are full of intelligent talented engineers. Just why????

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