Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 season preview

The TORCS Endurance World Championship 2009 season start is almost here.

I don't particularly like the tracks selected for this year - I like Forza, E-track 4 and Street 1, but really hate Dirt-3, E-Track-1 or Aalborg. I miss Brondehach, Wheel-2, E-track-6 or Corkscrew. But well, maybe my robots have a different opinion :D

I have some issues with my laptop so cannot run TORCS and test the robots at the moment. I expect them to be on the skill level of last December, while many code enhancements were committed, mainly in the raceline section. But none of these changes has been tested against the 1.3.1 release so I only expect the robots to drive as good as they have did near the close of last year's championships.

First race is due on 4th of June, so - from coder's viewpoint - almost an eternity to get everything going.

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