Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Set for this year

Phew, I've been able to set up TORCS and my robot today.
I was really worried I would not get there in time.

I've created a development user environment, for testing the robot. Then I've created a separate user only for running the races. The latter one will get clean a TORCS install right before each race, so nothing can be left over and harm the results. At least I hope so :D

The only remaining issue is - my laptop's ATI Mobility Radeon X200 and Ubuntu 9.04 do not like eachother. I guess you know the story - Ubuntu moved to the new X server, ATI dropped support for 'legacy' cards, so their fglrx does not like the X200 now. That leaves me with the free radeon driver, that is ... khm ... not so strong when we speak about 3D. Framerates can drop to 1-2/s :( I guess I'll have to wait a bit and hope someone comes up with a solution for decent 3D. Or should I downgrade to 8.10 where all was fine yet?

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