Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TORCS Championships 2009 - Dirt-3

10-second interview with myself:

- Like this track?
- No.
- Tactics?
- Tiptoe around without crashing out.
- Succeeded?
- Mainly yes, lost Dotty, finished 9-11th.
- Most dreadful moment?
- Lap93 crushing out 1/4th of the field, but we survived.
- Proud?
- No.
- Had fun?
- Yes.
- Want to return to this track?
- Definitely no.




Uphill battles

USR wheel locked to the right


Traffic on bridge

Erm, exactly what did that car cost?

No parking on a bridge!

EJ, what are those buoyes for?

Crosstown traffic

I saw a sheep there, let's go and get it!

Even wdbee looking the wrong way?

Just a test pile-up still

Synchro jump from Hymies

Loosing Dotteh


UFOs Down Under

The turn that decided that race

Gone is the other Hymie, too

JDI DQ-d for lap time limit

Warriors asleep underneath the mountains

SUV in reverse gear

Dust everywhere

Special pit entry

Still looking for that sheep...

And an avid follower

EJ and the buoys

Los Lobos victorious

A quite late pitstop...

Best finish for Kilos so far :)