Friday, August 28, 2009

TORCS Championships 2009 - Ruudskogen

In the middle of the summer the TORCS Endurance Champs herd moved to Ruudskogen.
But - it was held during my holiday time. So the night before we set off for the offline vacation, I've downloaded all the robots filed by fellow racers and closed the laptop. Then my offline weeks started, but one evening I started the race, knowing beforehand that the laptop doesn't quite have the CPU/GPU power (thanks ATI for forgetting about 'old' videocards...) to serve a race with 22 cars.
In fact, it could handle the task better than I've expected. It averaged about 5 FPS, but at moments it even reached 10!
Kilo 1&2 behaved very 'interesting', spinning out often on a fast left/right sweeper. Strange, I haven't seen them do that during the tests. So they were not going to win this race at all :)
The Dots were much better, I guess it was the American powercar sound that helped them :) No, seriously, they drove the same setup, only difference was in the code that at last handled the track camber and changed target speed according to that. Anyway, they were driving around in position 9-12 or so, but at one point they pitted the same time and that obviously resulted one of them get out of the race :( So Fuzzy was left alone but finished #10, the best result so far for them IIRC.
Kilos finished #17-18.
Being offline I couldn't send my own results so they are not taken into account, but you can see the results list here.
Sorry, no screenshots this time (due to ATI again) :(

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