Monday, November 9, 2009

Corkscrew project ends

I've created the Corkscrew track for TORCS quite some time ago. It all started with Kennet requesting the track at 16 November 2007. Yes, that's right, it was 2007...
I've published the first version in January 2008 and then 2 more updates followed from me. My job stopped just short of creating anything 3D-related. The track was there, it was fun to drive, track & nearside textures OK, pits, turnmarks etc all done. But I really stopped there, not knowing 3D editors well enough to do any serious prettying.
It was recommended by Bernhard on the main TORCS website and had quite some downloads since then. After some time it got imported in the (then TORCS-NG) Speed Dreams project and it already got enhanced by the advanced graphics engine used there.

And then on a dull September morning I saw a complete new version submitted by Andrew Sumner to SD trunk (rev 1449). It was like - BANG WHOOAAA. It was wonderful!!! It has the lake, the hills, the buildings, the bridges - everything. Andrew has really gone out again and produced a real living track, a great job as usual from him. Thank you very much!
So you can find the latest version in Speed Dream's repositories - and that means my work with that project has officially ended. It is a good feeling though to know that I've added my share of work for a nice track I know many many sim drivers will love.
Have fun driving around!


  1. Greetings from Venezuela!!!

    I understand that this track is a clon of "Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway", a racetrack I like so much... I am downloading the .tar file from SpeedDreams and I ask you if this track can run properly on Torcs. I did a clon too, very simple, with "trackeditor", and I called "DryLagoon", but I never find the proper downhill on the Corkscrew chicane, this is my favorite segment of all racetracs, including the mythical EauRouge from Spa (that I made too...)

    Thank you!!!

    Edwin Guerra

  2. Hi Edwin,

    thanks for your kind words.

    Indeed Corkscrew should equal Laguna Seca.
    I think it should work OK in TORCS, too, but Speed Dreams is so much better on visuals I'd recommend you use that instead of TORCS.

    Spa - there is a quite good version of the track but lacking altitude changes sadly.