Friday, November 20, 2009

Trac + random + GNUe

The Speed Dreams dev team is testing Trac these days, as provided by Mart has imported trunk's TODO to TracWiki and JP set up some tickets based on the TODO. That is, if we close those tickets we are quite ready to release Speed Dreams 1.4.0 for beta. Should happen soon, but there are time-consuming tickets on the list, too - like setups for cars.
Mart has discovered that's version of Trac does not provide the feature to update tickets based on commit comments, it's a pity. It should work and make life easier.

I've been working a lot these days on the Salty track 3D model. I am getting the taste of Blender now I think but I have so many future track plans... hard to list even. Keep an eye on what's coming.

Oh and I have a report for the G-track-2 race in TRB in the works... soon... got to run the next race, too... busy busy busy :)

Although it is not TORCS/SD related but the project (gnue for short) I've worked for quite some time seems to be alive again, Reinhard has committed lots of stuff recently. Got to check it and update translations at least!

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