Friday, September 18, 2009

Project name

Side note: I'm testing Chromium with this blog entry. I've managed to install it using this guide and look forward to how it behaves. First impressions are 'wow' and 'whoooah'...

The TORCS-NG team decided to rename the project before first release, for practical reasons. Dunno, I like the old name too... After some exhausting voting it was decided 'Speed Dreams' was best to describe the project. I know democratic rules can bear results like this, but if I compare the former and the recent project name, I'd still go with the old one.
Hmmm... we will see what other think of it. For me it sounds like a Chinese-made cheap plastic toy.
OK, rumbling over, now let's get back to coding and show the world it is not a cheap toy :)

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