Friday, September 25, 2009

TORCS Championships 2009 - Aalborg

Next stage in the TORCS championship was Aalborg - a slow, twisty, narrow track that makes an endurance race quite a long one.
As I had some issues on the other PC, I've decided to run the race on my 'old' laptop. I've set it up to use low texture sizes but still it was damn low FPS sometimes.
The race itself was - boring. Sorry to say that but watching my own robots mainly I did not see any big fights, after the Wolverines left Kilos behind. One of the Greenies was dropped behind as they were not playing safe and received quite a lot of damage, resulting in many pitstops. The main pack must have had some interesting things happen that I missed, and we saw a nice performance from team Nexus Six Racing (owner dz_duck).
After the finish I wanted to commit the results immediately - but I've found I was 1 day late :(( Aaargh I've put a wrong date in my calendar. But as I've checked the results it turned out they were quite similar to my own race results. Kilos finished at #11-12, about the same pos where they've started (overtaking a Wolverine damaged while pitting and a Greenie). Dotties advanced over the EJ team and finished at #14-15.

Some pics - low quality, I know...

I'm slow...

Hey boys, where is the starting line?

Wolverine, it was a green lamp!

Robots, bah...

Twist & turn

Damnez, he can go past...

Hey, you... get off of my car



I lap, you overtake, I'm getting lapped - and you?

Lads lads lads... ye in ains team!

Flying high, through the sky, high high through the sky...

There's many a laps I've traveled, a hundred miles and more

U spin me right round baby

Party where?

Let the Dummies show, too

Stealth fighter

Just outside top ten

Almost 4 hours...

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